Friday, August 26, 2011

Skyway Connection to LRT at 5th & Cedar

The CapitolRiver Council held a meeting this past Wednesday to present a preliminary design concept from TKDA Engineers of what an accessible skyway elevator connection between the skyway and the 4th & Cedar LRT station might look like. The "tower" would be located on the site of the former Bremer Bank building that was demolished this summer.

The Met Council is obligated to construct a skyway bridge extension to re-connect Alliance Bank and the Athletic Club. At present, there is a skyway bridge to nowhere over 5th Street. The extension will restore skyway access to RiverCentre and the Xcel hockey arena, which is presently cut off completely from access to the vast majority of the skyway system.

TKDA and the City's Planning and Economic Development (PED) Department estimate total cost of the vertical connection to be $1 million. There is at present no confirmed source of funding for this accessible elevator connection, but Councilmember Thune is confident that funding will be available.

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  1. The brown aluminum window trim is very tired. Too much of it in that area of downtown, especially on the skyways.